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Thank You – The Cement of Relationships & Friendships

Relationships & friendships revolve around a two-way connection: You to Me & Me to You. Connecting with another person can bring such a sense of fulfilment. But it will also bring us heartache & challenge. That is not an if; … Continue reading

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Same View: Different Filter

I took this shot of Westminster (Houses of Parliament & Abbey) from the South Bank of the Thames earlier this week. The shot below is exactly the same photograph processed with a colour filter. What I find fascinating is that … Continue reading

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Loneliness Can Be a Crowded Room

Loneliness Can Be a Crowded Room. Rooftop figures on Lübeck Library. Which is the odd one out? If you’re like me, you’ll feel like that on occasions too. Take care until next time …

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Shit Happens!

If there is one thing we can be guaranteed in life it is that things will not always go as we want them to; sometimes spectacularly so. Even with all the best planning & preparation, life does have a habit … Continue reading

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What Does the Rainbow Say to You?

For some, the rainbow is a symbol of hope; the coming of calm after the storm. For some, the rainbow is a sure sign that a storm is approaching. For some, the rainbow brings hope & yet for others it … Continue reading

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Almost Like the Original, Just Better!

I took this photograph yesterday whilst walking along the canal to collect my car from having some work done at a local garage (MoT for those of you familiar with the British system). It was a lovely cool, still evening. … Continue reading

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Do We Believe What We See?

  How often do we look at familiar objects or people & take for granted that they are the same? Take Eric (above) our Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake. It’s easy to see that all is not normal from the photo! External signs … Continue reading

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