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What is Hope?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Hope as ‘noun. /hoʊp/ 1[uncountable, countable] a belief that something you want will happen‘ I think that Hope is actually much bigger than just something I would like to happen. To me Hope encompasses passion, … Continue reading

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Some Light in the Darkness

Hi! It has been some time since I posted on here but glad to say that I am back up & running. These times are uncertain for many of us. It can all seem very oppressive & stifling. But as … Continue reading

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(Un)Happy Christmas

  After a long break due to health issues I have chosen to return to my blog on Christmas Day. Why? Because this year, more than others, I am aware of many people who will find today & the next … Continue reading

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Day-By-Day Diary Of A Heart Attack Survivor: Part 8 The Aftermath

This post is part of a series  following experiencing an unexpected heart attack at a relatively early age of 58.  The last part about surgery is here & the first part is here. Saturday 20th August 2017 — 04:30:   … Continue reading

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Winter Tranquility

I love to escape for a bit of solitude every so often to recharge, especially places like this lake on a cold winter’s day. Take care until next time …

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Peace & Quiet On An English Canal

Taken last summer, this photo shows a narrowboat moored on the Trent & Mersey Canal here in the UK, capturing the air peace & tranquility. I often find that when life gets too hectic or invasive, a retreat to a … Continue reading

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Do You Ever Just Want To Hide?

Have you ever felt a need to just hide away? Perhaps you’re weary from one of life’s storms; perhaps you’ve been working flat-out & want a rest; perhaps you’re ill & feel isolated yet still want to be alone. Chances are … Continue reading

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We Can Learn a Lot from Ducks & Geese

In order to move forward we sometimes need to float: that may seemingly be going nowhere or it may be with the current. Time out helps recharge our batteries & often helps us to see where we’ve been & where … Continue reading

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Thank You

I’ve probably made it clear by now that there are some things in life that to me, are essential.  One is friendship, another relationships and then there are all the bits of icing on the cake that make life enjoyable.  … Continue reading

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What’s in Store for 2008?

To be honest, I have no idea! But I do know that there will be successes, failures, mistakes, achievements and surprises.  It is a year when I start full-time in my own business.  It is a year when I reach … Continue reading

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