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Beauty Is In Who We Are Not What We Do

Is an orchid less beautiful than a rose? Likewise, we do ourselves an injustice when we compare ourselves to others: we can never become them but we have our own talents & beauty that they do not. Variety adds to … Continue reading

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The Power of Selectivity

This photograph was taken the other night whilst I was enjoying a quiet walk along our local canal. This second image is the same photograph modified using a few adjustments to contrast, saturation, brightness etc. Some items & colours have … Continue reading

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What We See On Reflection is Not Always the Same As Reality

Sometimes what I see on reflection is not the same as reality. We can look at a situation & draw ‘almost right’ conclusions, but that difference between fact & fiction then causes real problems for ourself & others. Just a … Continue reading

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Being Authentic: A Goal or a Fantasy?

This has become a bit of a buzzword of late. But I’m not complaining. At last it seems that people are recognising that it is not just about being nice or saying something positive or being positive; it’s about being real: expressing the full picture. … Continue reading

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Not As It Seems

This lovely photo shows a sunset reflected on the roof of a stationary car. If I showed you the original you’d probably be disappointed. Isn’t that like so much of today’s advertising where the ordinary are made to look enticing … Continue reading

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Work In Progress

One of my biggest struggles when writing a new blog entry or comment is knowing that I write from the perspective of being a work in progress. I guess that is why I try to write about things I am … Continue reading

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Be Inspiring: Share Your Story

  Yes, I do mean what I say in the title. One of the biggest battles we often fight is the sense that we have nothing in our life story that may be of use, or help others. If you’re … Continue reading

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