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10 Positive & Successful Habits To Build Confidence & Feel Great

10 Great success tips to help you grow in confidence & feel great Continue reading

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Won’t or Can’t? Thinking for Success

‘We are what we think.‘ This doesn’t mean, ‘Think & we get‘ but it does mean that our thinking has a much greater impact on our lives that we often give it credit for. How would you like to achieve … Continue reading

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“I Could Never Do That!”: 3 Practical Steps To Overcoming Fears & Growing In Confidence

We are what we think. Everything we do is controlled by our brain : our thoughts & our actions. Human beings are well-equipped to avoid danger; it’s part of our survival instinct. We see something frightening & our reflexes kick-in: our … Continue reading

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Striving For Perfection: A Distraction From The Truth?

“That’s perfect!” “Perfection indeed!” “Aim for perfection & you’ll get somewhere near.” Such phrases trip off our tongue & find their way into so many everyday conversations: at home; in the office; in our training & target-setting events; in our … Continue reading

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Facing Our Fears

We recently took some of our beasts to a ‘face your fears’ day for an international company. What struck me most was that the people who gained most were those who had made a decision to try to overcome their … Continue reading

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Overcoming Phobias: A Matter of personal Choice?

One of the lovely things about our reptile handling sessions in schools & businesses is seeing people become comfortable with  reptiles after their initial fear. We see this time & again in people of all ages from young children to … Continue reading

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Confidence: Theory or Practice?

My last blog explored how although confidence can come from within, we usually also require external help to enable us to grow & move forward. Today I want to look at how important practical application & experience is in completing … Continue reading

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