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Seeing Through The Ice

Sometimes as we look forward it’s as if we’re looking through ice on a window pain: we can see what is immediately in front of us, but not beyond. It’s at moments like this that I try to get help … Continue reading

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To Make A New Year’s Resolution Or Not: That Is The Question

Well, here we are in ‘next year‘ & today is a bit of a thinking day for me (always dangerous!) … As you may have gathered from my recent posts, I am not very good at making New Year resolutions. … Continue reading

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20 Hopes For The New Year 2014

  In my last post I listed a few important lessons that I’d learnt or been reminded of during this last year, 2013. As today is the last day of the year I thought I would look forward into the … Continue reading

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New year. New Hopes. New Dreams. Same Person.

The start of a New year is always a mixed set of emotions.  On one hand it’s a continued step into the unknown; on the other it’s full of potential and excitement. I’m not one for New Year Resolutions, but … Continue reading

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