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YOU are Beautiful As You Are

  The message of this blog really is that simple; “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE!” The biggest & I believe, most destructive lie we are sold today is that “You need to look like this, be this, achieve this, … Continue reading

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Not As It Seems

This lovely photo shows a sunset reflected on the roof of a stationary car. If I showed you the original you’d probably be disappointed. Isn’t that like so much of today’s advertising where the ordinary are made to look enticing … Continue reading

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Better Than Perfect Reflections

  Have you ever read a headline or heard someone comment & thought, “That’s too good to be true!”? If you have then you’re not alone! In business we always used to say, “There’s no such thing as a free … Continue reading

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Headlines Sell Stories: But Are They True?

  The headlines above hit New York in 1972. On this occasion the news was not only sensational but true! Every day we are bombarded by media stories that are presented as truth but in reality only tell one (carefully … Continue reading

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