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Striving For Perfection: A Distraction From The Truth?

“That’s perfect!” “Perfection indeed!” “Aim for perfection & you’ll get somewhere near.” Such phrases trip off our tongue & find their way into so many everyday conversations: at home; in the office; in our training & target-setting events; in our … Continue reading

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RIP Herr Prof Dr Dr William Graham Wood (1944 – 2014) aka. My Brother

Being woken up with the news that your brother has just passed away is a surprise I could do without. At times like this it is too easy to ask questions; the ‘What if’ ones are always the most destructive & … Continue reading

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Make A Difference: Tell Someone They Matter … TODAY

    “I’ll do it tomorrow!” is a phrase that often passes through our mind when we’re thinking about something or someone not so high up our priority list. If it/they were, our response would be, “I need to do … Continue reading

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To Be Liked Or To Be Loved? Starting Where We Are & Reaching Where We Want To Be

    The greatest lie we are told is that we have to earn our worth or value. That is complete rubbish! Each of us is born with an inherent value & worth. As humans, we are built & wired … Continue reading

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Unconditional Love or Love With Realistic Conditions?

I read Facebook posts, blogs, Tweets, letters, texts  & e-mails where the writers openly promise unconditional support & unconditional love. If, like me, you have been on the receiving end of unconditional promises only to be kicked in the groin at our first slip-up or failure … Continue reading

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Shit Happens!

If there is one thing we can be guaranteed in life it is that things will not always go as we want them to; sometimes spectacularly so. Even with all the best planning & preparation, life does have a habit … Continue reading

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When The Words “I Love You” Are Not Enough

I was talking with a good friend recently & we were discussing how people can know that they are loved by others. The first thing that comes to mind is we can tell them. Then I started to think back across … Continue reading

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Thank You

I’ve probably made it clear by now that there are some things in life that to me, are essential.  One is friendship, another relationships and then there are all the bits of icing on the cake that make life enjoyable.  … Continue reading

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Hi! May I wish you a very Happy Christmas … even if you don’t feel like it.  Chances are that if you’re reading this today you are looking for something to cheer you up.  Perhaps you feel alone, are separated … Continue reading

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