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Seeing Through The Ice

Sometimes as we look forward it’s as if we’re looking through ice on a window pain: we can see what is immediately in front of us, but not beyond. It’s at moments like this that I try to get help … Continue reading

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

The saying, ‘Light at the end of the tunnel‘ is often used as a term of optimism for when things in the here-and-now are a bit rough. Indeed, I am aware firsthand how dark, confusing & directionless life can seem, … Continue reading

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20 Hopes For The New Year 2014

  In my last post I listed a few important lessons that I’d learnt or been reminded of during this last year, 2013. As today is the last day of the year I thought I would look forward into the … Continue reading

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20 Important Lessons I’ve Learnt About Myself In 2013

If having a Happy Christmas has been a challenge for you this year, you have my heartfelt empathy. 2013 has been a year of many contrasts for me: I’ve felt on top of the world I’ve felt happy I’ve felt … Continue reading

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What’s in Store for 2008?

To be honest, I have no idea! But I do know that there will be successes, failures, mistakes, achievements and surprises.  It is a year when I start full-time in my own business.  It is a year when I reach … Continue reading

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