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Choices, Targets & Perspectives

Sometimes we can look ahead, set our goals & start moving in that direction. Along the way, we will meet some obstacles or challenges. Sometimes they will seem so big that we focus on them & almost lose sight of … Continue reading

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Blue Sky & Clouds: What Do You See?

What do you see: blue sky breaking through the clouds or clouds covering the blue sky? Take care until next time …

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How The Seasons Change

Looking back over the past year, the same situation has seemed very different depending on the time & season ie. when I look at it & how well I am feeling. There is a bridge that I walk over on … Continue reading

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

The saying, ‘Light at the end of the tunnel‘ is often used as a term of optimism for when things in the here-and-now are a bit rough. Indeed, I am aware firsthand how dark, confusing & directionless life can seem, … Continue reading

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Light, Dark, Shadows & Time

This photograph of Marchington village on Sunday afternoon reminded me that even when the sun is shining there can still be areas that are dark, unclear; even cool. However, if I took this same photograph at a different time, those … Continue reading

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Have We Lost The Art Of Silence?

Just a thought. Take care until next time …

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We Can Learn a Lot from Ducks & Geese

In order to move forward we sometimes need to float: that may seemingly be going nowhere or it may be with the current. Time out helps recharge our batteries & often helps us to see where we’ve been & where … Continue reading

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