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Frozen: Lifeless?

Life & hope can be present in the most difficult circumstances: Sometimes we have to actively search in order to find it Sometimes we have to wait for it to find us Wisdom is knowing which to choose in order to move forward. In … Continue reading

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Shit Happens!

If there is one thing we can be guaranteed in life it is that things will not always go as we want them to; sometimes spectacularly so. Even with all the best planning & preparation, life does have a habit … Continue reading

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Do We Believe What We See?

  How often do we look at familiar objects or people & take for granted that they are the same? Take Eric (above) our Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake. It’s easy to see that all is not normal from the photo! External signs … Continue reading

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One Size Fits All?

  “I give up! It doesn’t seem to matter how I try to help him , he just won’t accept it. It’s driving me mad!” So started a long conversation with a friend over a drink in a local tea-shop. … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Friendship & Relationship

It is often when we are at our most vulnerable that we appreciate the true value of things we often take for granted or simply don’t see. Over the years I have been blessed with great friends but I’m not … Continue reading

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Someone Taught Einstein Maths!

One of the biggest lies & saddest situations I encounter is when people have such low self-esteem that they will accept almost anything that’s thrown at them.  Whether it’s happiness, fulfilment or love; they sit at or near the bottom … Continue reading

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