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Covert Narcissism: (1) Why Their Web is SO HARD to Escape From

Today is Part 1 of a 4-Part blog-post looking at covert narcissists & how to break free. I am not a psychologist or a counsellor but I hope that what I have experienced & learnt along the way will help … Continue reading

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Every Scar Tells a Story

Life is made up of adventures; of highs & lows: Some leave a mark on our body, Some leave a mark on our soul Some leave a mark on both. The event causing the scar may have been traumatic or … Continue reading

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What is Hope?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Hope as ‘noun. /hoʊp/ 1[uncountable, countable] a belief that something you want will happen‘ I think that Hope is actually much bigger than just something I would like to happen. To me Hope encompasses passion, … Continue reading

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High Risk Living?

Life has a habit of throwing us unwanted surprises every so often. For me it has been an 18-moth bout of depression & more recently, a heart attack & surgery. I would never have invited either of these into my … Continue reading

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Day-By-Day Diary Of A Heart Attack Survivor: Part 3 A Routine Day In An Alien Place

Today’s post continues from Part 2 posted yesterday. Monday 15th August 06:15: Sleep eventually came & has now gone.  Blood pressure assessed once more.  It is amazing how quickly one can automatically adopt an arm out, finger up pose when … Continue reading

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“Why Did I Do That?” Childhood Experiences: Seeds Of Our Adult Life

  Have you ever been in a situation where something happens or something is said & you react immediately, later asking the question, “Why did I do that?” or “Why did I say that?” or even “Why did I think … Continue reading

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YOU MATTER – The Most Important Words You’ll Read Today

  As someone who is familiar with personal struggles around self-value, self-worth, personal value or usefulness to others I am acutely aware how easy it is to lose heart by looking at myself & seeing what is wrong. Don’t get … Continue reading

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Surround Yourself With Positive People?

This phrase appears with increasing regularity in blogs & social media posts. In many ways I agree with the sentiment BUT it always seems so me centric. Sure, a key to moving forward is motivation & positive people are great … Continue reading

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How Much Does It Cost To Forgive?

Following on from my last entry about encouragement, I was wondering how often we miss out on valuable relationships because we fail to forgive.  Some of the things we need to forgive can seem like mountains; an impossibility; far too much.  … Continue reading

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