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The Sun Must Set Before It Can Rise Again

As I walked last night I saw this beautiful sight. Yet no matter how much I wanted it to linger, no matter how much I willed it to stay, the sun was already on its way down & there was … Continue reading

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Breaking Free From The Old Skin

Millipedes; centipedes; spiders; scorpions. All of these carry their skeleton on the outside of their body (exoskeleton). In order to grow, they must shed this outer framework, releasing their new body. However, during this process they are very vulnerable. They … Continue reading

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Staying Constant In Ever Changing Surroundings

I have been reminded a lot recently about staying constant whilst everything around me seems to change. I’m not talking about becoming intransigent & stuck in a rut. I am talking about integrity & reliability, especially for others who may … Continue reading

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Diamonds Come From Dirt Under Pressure

When I was studying at university we used to jokingly call ourselves Exspurts: Ex is a has-been Spurt is water under pressure Since that time I have noticed that perhaps being an Exspurt is no bad thing 🙂 Let me try to explain my … Continue reading

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