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When Did Relationship Become Personal Ambition?

Do we need to tackle the current obsession with personal wealth, personal success & personal gain? Friendships & relationships are much more than just ways to get where we want & get what we need. They are two-way & often costly in time, money & energy. Is it really all about me? Or is it also about you? Continue reading

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Standing On Top Of The World Can Be A Lonely Place

The view from the top is beautiful, but be careful that in striving to get there we don’t arrive alone: it can be a very lonely place. Take care until next time …

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Choices, Targets & Perspectives

Sometimes we can look ahead, set our goals & start moving in that direction. Along the way, we will meet some obstacles or challenges. Sometimes they will seem so big that we focus on them & almost lose sight of … Continue reading

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Seeing Through The Ice

Sometimes as we look forward it’s as if we’re looking through ice on a window pain: we can see what is immediately in front of us, but not beyond. It’s at moments like this that I try to get help … Continue reading

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A Friend In Need?

“You can tell who your true friends are because they’re there in times of need.” We grow up with such ideas & take them for granted as being true. BUT ARE THEY? For me the answer is only partly! Friendship … Continue reading

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Loneliness Can Be a Crowded Room

Loneliness Can Be a Crowded Room. Rooftop figures on L├╝beck Library. Which is the odd one out? If you’re like me, you’ll feel like that on occasions too. Take care until next time …

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What Does the Rainbow Say to You?

For some, the rainbow is a symbol of hope; the coming of calm after the storm. For some, the rainbow is a sure sign that a storm is approaching. For some, the rainbow brings hope & yet for others it … Continue reading

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Staying Constant In Ever Changing Surroundings

I have been reminded a lot recently about staying constant whilst everything around me seems to change. I’m not talking about becoming intransigent & stuck in a rut. I am talking about integrity & reliability, especially for others who may … Continue reading

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One Size Fits All?

  “I give up! It doesn’t seem to matter how I try to help him , he just won’t accept it. It’s driving me mad!” So started a long conversation with a friend over a drink in a local tea-shop. … Continue reading

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A Day In Church?

Last week I went to spend a day in the company of two good friends. It was a pre-arranged booking as they are quite busy most of the time, but I also enjoy just dropping in to watch them work … Continue reading

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