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“I don’t Want to Take Sides!” REALLY?

For most situations we like to see ourselves as impartial,: not taking sides. Occasionally we feel compelled to support one person more than someone else, usually because of what we have been told by well-meaning friends. THEREIN LIES THE DANGER! … Continue reading

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Lying: A Self-Help Guide To The Art of Personal Deception

  Originally written as a few thoughts on my Facebook Page, I’d like to delve a bit deeper into the art of lying. Lying is seemingly the passport to success for so many; from friends to media icons to lawyers … Continue reading

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The Power of Selectivity

This photograph was taken the other night whilst I was enjoying a quiet walk along our local canal. This second image is the same photograph modified using a few adjustments to contrast, saturation, brightness etc. Some items & colours have … Continue reading

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Not As It Seems

This lovely photo shows a sunset reflected on the roof of a stationary car. If I showed you the original you’d probably be disappointed. Isn’t that like so much of today’s advertising where the ordinary are made to look enticing … Continue reading

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Not All That Glitters Is Gold

  What may seem bright & exciting today may end up as waste tomorrow: we need to make wise choices

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Expenses, Integrity & Me

Like me, you’re probably getting tired of all the current revelations surrounding the exploits of our politicians and their ‘accounting errors.’  I feel sorry for those politicians whose names have not been in the headlines because they have actually been … Continue reading

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News headlines this morning declared that one of the major UK energy suppliers was raising their charges by up to 27%.  Interestingly enough, a representative from this same supplier visited my doorstep a couple of months ago explaining the benefits … Continue reading

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