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A Friend In Need?

“You can tell who your true friends are because they’re there in times of need.” We grow up with such ideas & take them for granted as being true. BUT ARE THEY? For me the answer is only partly! Friendship … Continue reading

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Show It First: Say It Second

This picture was taken a few years ago of┬ámy son, Matthew & my daughter, Rebecca. If you look beyond the cheesy grins you will notice that they have their arms around each other. This isn’t something that was posed; it … Continue reading

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Better Than Perfect Reflections

  Have you ever read a headline or heard someone comment & thought, “That’s too good to be true!”? If you have then you’re not alone! In business we always used to say, “There’s no such thing as a free … Continue reading

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Do It My Way & Do It Now!

I’ve had a very interesting & mixed week, emerging very optimistic & pretty content. But in theory at least, I shouldn’t. Earlier in the week I read a comment by a friend that just came across all-wrong. We were given … Continue reading

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