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Keep It Real: 3 Simple Steps To Better Friendships

Here are Three Simple Steps To Better Friendships (from my own experiences): Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say – Be careful that we are honest with each other. If you disagree, then go ahead & disagree. Don’t pretend it’s … Continue reading

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Beauty Is In Who We Are Not What We Do

Is an orchid less beautiful than a rose? Likewise, we do ourselves an injustice when we compare ourselves to others: we can never become them but we have our own talents & beauty that they do not. Variety adds to … Continue reading

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A Reflection Is A Poor Imitation Of The Real Thing

Why try to show others some pale imitation rather than the real you. Spending time getting to know who we are is never wasted. People want authenticity, not imitation. Take care until next time …

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Encouragement in Adversity

Some of the most encouraging people I meet are NOT the ones who have the answers have it all sorted who are riding success they ARE the ones who wrestle daily against sometimes seemingly impossible situations doubt that they will … Continue reading

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Show It First: Say It Second

This picture was taken a few years ago of my son, Matthew & my daughter, Rebecca. If you look beyond the cheesy grins you will notice that they have their arms around each other. This isn’t something that was posed; it … Continue reading

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Work In Progress

One of my biggest struggles when writing a new blog entry or comment is knowing that I write from the perspective of being a work in progress. I guess that is why I try to write about things I am … Continue reading

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Yet What I Can I Give; Give My Heart

These are pretty much the words from a famous Carol we sing here in the UK at Christmas.  But I think that as a principle, this is a great starting point for whatever we do. These words to paint a … Continue reading

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It’s Not What You Say, It’s The Way That You Say It: Hints & Tips on Public Speaking & Presentations

One of my major roles whilst working in the Corporate Pharmaceutical Industry was explaining complex ideas & concepts to people who often had little or no knowledge about the subject.  I guess you could call it training but often I … Continue reading

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