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“I don’t Want to Take Sides!” REALLY?

For most situations we like to see ourselves as impartial,: not taking sides. Occasionally we feel compelled to support one person more than someone else, usually because of what we have been told by well-meaning friends. THEREIN LIES THE DANGER! … Continue reading

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When we becomes me and ours becomes mine. When I am debased so that you shine. When my time is yours and your time your own. When your lie is truth but the truth is unknown. When people are pawns … Continue reading

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Recognising Manipulation & Emotional Abuse (2): Characteristics & Behaviour of The Manipulator/Abuser

  In this Second Part of a series of 5 articles, I examine the personal characteristics & behaviours of the abuser/manipulator. ┬áThere may be some overlap with the next part (issued tomorrow). Over many years I have witnessed & been … Continue reading

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