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How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

One of the most important & motivating questions we can ask ourself is, “How would I like to be remembered?“ Imagine if someone was writing your obituary What would you like them to say about you? What qualities would you … Continue reading

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Building Confidence & Overcoming Fears: Some Personal Experiences

This past week I have been pondering a few lessons I have learnt whilst helping people overcome fears & grow in confidence. Hopefully, they will help you on your journey too. So, here goes … What is Confidence? I think … Continue reading

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A Big Thank You

This is just a quick note to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who takes the time to read, look at or comment on my blog. I do appreciate every one of you & hope that something of what … Continue reading

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RIP Herr Prof Dr Dr William Graham Wood (1944 – 2014) aka. My Brother

Being woken up with the news that your brother has just passed away is a surprise I could do without. At times like this it is too easy to ask questions; the ‘What if’ ones are always the most destructive & … Continue reading

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The Drama Triangles: Childhood Experiences Affecting Adult Life

    Have you ever been on the receiving-end of help & then, for no apparent reason found it all too much, too invasive, too personal & become highly defensive or aggressive towards the person helping you? Have you ever … Continue reading

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Depression? Sorry I Can’t Help You

  One of the biggest misconceptions is that when a person with depression speaks to you they are looking for some deep, meaningful help to cure their problem. People who struggle with true depression (rather than a period of feeling … Continue reading

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D-Day – Freedom: Our Right?

06:30 6th June 1944  … 70 Years Ago Today … Operation Neptune Today commemorates D-Day. Nobody but those who were there can really appreciate what it meant or what it was like. Perhaps if we could capture a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Encouragement in Adversity

Some of the most encouraging people I meet are NOT the ones who have the answers have it all sorted who are riding success they ARE the ones who wrestle daily against sometimes seemingly impossible situations doubt that they will … Continue reading

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Not As It Seems

This lovely photo shows a sunset reflected on the roof of a stationary car. If I showed you the original you’d probably be disappointed. Isn’t that like so much of today’s advertising where the ordinary are made to look enticing … Continue reading

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Better Than Perfect Reflections

  Have you ever read a headline or heard someone comment & thought, “That’s too good to be true!”? If you have then you’re not alone! In business we always used to say, “There’s no such thing as a free … Continue reading

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