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Building Confidence & Overcoming Fears: Some Personal Experiences

This past week I have been pondering a few lessons I have learnt whilst helping people overcome fears & grow in confidence. Hopefully, they will help you on your journey too. So, here goes … What is Confidence? I think … Continue reading

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When Hope Comes, Change Happens

Hope is powerful! It means that something good can grow from our darkest times. If you are confused, angry or feel that the situation is hopeless, it isn’t. There is hope. Sometimes we have to look in the right place … Continue reading

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Setting The Victim, Rescuer & Persecutor Free

    Sometimes we find ourselves locked into a seemingly never ending cycle: One minute we feel hard-done-by, then someone helps us, then we struggle with the help or we feel resentful¬†towards the¬†helper, then we feel guilty & hard-done-by etc … Continue reading

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