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Customer Service: What’s That?

  Having worked in a top brand multinational company for nearly 20 years, one message that was drummed into me was “Delight Your Customers!” The idea that we were there for the people who used our products (& therefore made us … Continue reading

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Euphonium: Powered By Waste

Euphonium A lovely artist & good friend of mine once made the observation that blown instruments use carbon dioxide (a waste gas) to produce their notes. That made me wonder how often we write people off  as waste when there is still … Continue reading

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To Read Dots or Not Read Dots: Is That The Question?

And now for something completely different … I heard an interesting comment the other day (and not for the first time). Two friends were discussing music with a couple of other people; the exact subject matter I do not know, … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

Firstly Happy Easter to everyone who reads this column.  This is  as special time of year for me.  However, my celebrations were rather curtailed today by a young drummer and his percussionist friend who introduced a new concept to the word ‘crucifixion’!  … Continue reading

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One Big Sky

At last, after recording, mixing and mastering the first piece of evidence for our existence is released!  You may remember my blogs in February from ICC Studios in Eastbourne where we were recording the ‘albumette’.  Well One Big Sky officially … Continue reading

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Sunrise and Music

As I sit here writing, the sun is setting and the sky is full of colour.  I am reminded of my recent recording tip to ICC Studios in Eastbourne (you may remember that I wrote a few memoirs from the … Continue reading

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Friendships, Trials, Tribulations and Poetry!

Anyone who reads this blog, or any other of my blogs will know that one of my loves is poetry.  One of the lessons I have learned is that when the hard times roll in or I face testing, disappointment, … Continue reading

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