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Some Friends Leave a Hole When They Are Gone

Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you’ve got ‘Til it’s gone Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi I have come to realise that friends fall into a number of categories, the most valuable being that you … Continue reading

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Value For Money Or Price Per Head?

With the current emphasis on saving money in businesses, schools & the public sector, it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that less cost per head represents better value for money. Of course, if we can buy the same items for … Continue reading

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Living In Hamburg

Here are a few photos showing contrasts in living accommodation within Hamburg.   From houses to flats … … all very different in shape, colour & location … … but all ‘home’ to someone. Take care until next time …

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Our Defining Moments Can Be Our Darkest Times

Sometimes our defining moments are in our darkest times. Mine usually are. At the end of a ‘week from hell’ I am so thankful that a new day brings opportunities to conquer demons, put down unhelpful attitudes & work towards … Continue reading

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The Drama Triangles: Childhood Experiences Affecting Adult Life

    Have you ever been on the receiving-end of help & then, for no apparent reason found it all too much, too invasive, too personal & become highly defensive or aggressive towards the person helping you? Have you ever … Continue reading

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Thank You – The Cement of Relationships & Friendships

Relationships & friendships revolve around a two-way connection: You to Me & Me to You. Connecting with another person can bring such a sense of fulfilment. But it will also bring us heartache & challenge. That is not an if; … Continue reading

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A Reflection Is A Poor Imitation Of The Real Thing

Why try to show others some pale imitation rather than the real you. Spending time getting to know who we are is never wasted. People want authenticity, not imitation. Take care until next time …

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