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Coming Soon: One Minute Book Reviews

Although it can be a struggle at first, reading books is something I enjoy. Once I’ve started I have to finish! They are like a magnet, drawing me in. Personally, I find the physical book much more accessible & attractive … Continue reading

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Some things just make you smile & make you feel happy. One of this for me is the iconic Citroen 2CV (Deux Cheveaux). Meet Dolly. Take care until next time …

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Climbing The Stairs

Meet Geoff. He loves to climb 🙂 Take care until next time …

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RIP Herr Prof Dr Dr William Graham Wood (1944 – 2014) aka. My Brother

Being woken up with the news that your brother has just passed away is a surprise I could do without. At times like this it is too easy to ask questions; the ‘What if’ ones are always the most destructive & … Continue reading

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Seeing from the Blind Perspective: The Interview

So, here we are … after a few entries about my blind friend, I am sat at her computer doing a ‘live interview’ (in reality, I ask her questions, type down the answers and post the blog … I guess … Continue reading

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Blind Myths & Stories: Part 2 Funny Stories

In previous posts I’ve shared a bit of what I’ve learnt through my blind friend.  Some of it has been a bit heavy so today I thought I’d relay a few of the more amusing incidents and stories told by … Continue reading

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Blind Myths & Funny Stories Part 1: Dispelling Myths

For those of you who read my last post, you will remember that I included a couple of myths, legends or misunderstanding of the blind world, namely: Guide dogs are not trained so that the owner says, “Take me to … Continue reading

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Blindicles for the Arts!

So goes my rearrangement of the ‘Articles for the Blind’ that frequently fall through the letterbox of my blind friend. I use the term blind rather than the PC ‘visually impaired’ because many of us sighted people hear the term ‘visually … Continue reading

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