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A Reflection Is A Poor Imitation Of The Real Thing

Why try to show others some pale imitation rather than the real you. Spending time getting to know who we are is never wasted. People want authenticity, not imitation. Take care until next time …

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Make A Difference: Tell Someone They Matter … TODAY

    “I’ll do it tomorrow!” is a phrase that often passes through our mind when we’re thinking about something or someone not so high up our priority list. If it/they were, our response would be, “I need to do … Continue reading

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Friends. Take care until next time …

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Same View: Different Filter

I took this shot of Westminster (Houses of Parliament & Abbey) from the South Bank of the Thames earlier this week. The shot below is exactly the same photograph processed with a colour filter. What I find fascinating is that … Continue reading

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A Friend In Need?

“You can tell who your true friends are because they’re there in times of need.” We grow up with such ideas & take them for granted as being true. BUT ARE THEY? For me the answer is only partly! Friendship … Continue reading

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Loneliness Can Be a Crowded Room

Loneliness Can Be a Crowded Room. Rooftop figures on Lübeck Library. Which is the odd one out? If you’re like me, you’ll feel like that on occasions too. Take care until next time …

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My New Year’s Resolution – To Get A Divorce

Came across this little gem today … My New Year’s Resolution – To Get A Divorce.

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