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I tried & Didn’t Do Very Well: I’m Not Sure It’s For Me

Steve Jobs of Apple fame was one of the most physically awkward & unconfident speakers when he started. He went on to become probably one of the most sought-after & inspirational presenters of the past century. When I was 7 … Continue reading

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Isle of Man TT: A Lesson in Health, Safety & Taking Risks to Achieve Great Results

My son, Matt, is currently living in the Isle of Man & this year he has had opportunity to witness the Isle of Man TT Races for the first time. As a result, so have I. I cannot believe how … Continue reading

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Standing On Top Of The World Can Be A Lonely Place

The view from the top is beautiful, but be careful that in striving to get there we don’t arrive alone: it can be a very lonely place. Take care until next time …

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Choices, Targets & Perspectives

Sometimes we can look ahead, set our goals & start moving in that direction. Along the way, we will meet some obstacles or challenges. Sometimes they will seem so big that we focus on them & almost lose sight of … Continue reading

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Peace & Quiet On An English Canal

Taken last summer, this photo shows a narrowboat moored on the Trent & Mersey Canal here in the UK, capturing the air peace & tranquility. I often find that when life gets too hectic or invasive, a retreat to a … Continue reading

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Night Time At Port St Mary Isle Of Man

  There is something remarkably calming about standing on a harbour on a warm Summer evening & just taking in the beauty & silence. Do we need to take more time out to regain our perspective? Take care until next … Continue reading

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Peaceful Summer Evening

Sometimes all we need is a bit of peace & solitude in beautiful surroundings to recharge & rejuvenate. Good night from the UK. Take care until next time …

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Sunset on Water

Sometimes things can be so intense that we almost lose what we’re seeing, but then as the brightness fades (or our eyes adjust) we begin to see the beauty of what lies before us.

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Is seeing believing or believing seeing?

Is seeing believing or believing seeing? Take care until next time …

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Friendships, Trials, Tribulations and Poetry!

Anyone who reads this blog, or any other of my blogs will know that one of my loves is poetry.  One of the lessons I have learned is that when the hard times roll in or I face testing, disappointment, … Continue reading

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