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A Question of Balance?

A Question of Balance … The title of a seminal album by The Moody Blues back in the 70’s. An important principle of accounting. A buzz phrase for getting our lives in shape; physically, mentally & emotionally. But it is … Continue reading

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Who Puts The ‘Dis’ In Disability? Meet My Friend Shaun

There are some people I meet who are quite simply inspirational without trying. Take my good friend Shaun. He lives in a house with a friend, works on a farm, plays drums, enjoys a night out at a club, is … Continue reading

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Seeing from the Blind Perspective: The Interview

So, here we are … after a few entries about my blind friend, I am sat at her computer doing a ‘live interview’ (in reality, I ask her questions, type down the answers and post the blog … I guess … Continue reading

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