California Dreaming Just Became Reality: Do You Know The Way To San Jose? (1)

During my time in California, San Jose & Santa Clara were my base.

To say I was in a little corner of Paradise in my hotel may have been an overstatement, but it was wonderful to wake up & retire to palm trees & pool, sheltered from the hustle & bustle of the outside world.


My Little Corner of Paradise


Evening Falls in San Jose

Travelling on the Light Rail took me through Japantown & into the heart of San Carlos Street.

Buildings of all shapes & sizes met me.

From hidden courtyards …


Walking Through a Hidden Courtyard in Midtown Snake Jose

… to majestic muti-storeys in traditional style …


High Rise Traditional Building in Midtown San Jose

… to the staggering beauty of the Cathedral Basilica of St Joseph at the crossroads of Old & New San Jose City  …


Interior of Cathedral Basilica of St Joseph in San Jose

So much to see in so little time.

Take care  until next time …

About waywood

Hi & Welcome to my thoughts. I share subjects that are important to me. As you’ll notice, these subjects can be quite broad & varied. I like variety; I like breadth & I like a challenge. I am passionate about helping others overcome their fears, grow in confidence & succeed. Although many people would label me as an achiever, I have battled low confidence, low self-esteem & a couple of nasty, long periods depression over the years. I can’t say, “I know how you feel” but I can hopefully empathise & offer some of the things that are helping me to turn my life around. Please feel free to comment, share & enjoy. Take care, best wishes & keep well Stuart
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