How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

[How Would You Like To Be Remembered?]

How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

One of the most important & motivating questions we can ask ourself is,

How would I like to be remembered?

Imagine if someone was writing your obituary

  • What would you like them to say about you?
  • What qualities would you want to see in the list?

Many of us in business ask ourself the question,  “How can we gain more customers?” & then look to the highest performing sales & marketing tools for engaging with customers. We fall into the trap of thinking that by simply using these tools we will gain a successful return on our investment.

Wrong! … at least in part.

Tools are only effective if the product we are selling is worth buying & when we deal with customers we are selling ourselves first: customers buy into us.

If we are honest & reliable that will be appreciated, even if not immediately.  On these will be built trust, the bedrock for a secure, long-term relationship.

The greatest cost to a business is securing a new customer, so once we have persuaded them to buy from us (or use our services) it is in our best interest to keep them: they are the potential source of repeat future business at minimum cost, but only if they like working with us now.

I think it is the same in our personal life: people relate to us how they find us.  Friends may be a bit more forgiving than business customers, but not always & not at infinitum. We can only put on a mask for so long before our friends see behind it.

How we are & who we are affects every area of daily life & I think that is why we need to ask ourself the basic question, “How would I like to be remembered?

If we can answer that question honestly it will give us a basic list of the qualities we need to develop & refine in order for our wish list to become reality.  The great reward is that as we move towards that goal, people respond in positive ways & want to be around us (or deal with us in business). It’s a win-win situation.

Why does this nugget strike me today?

Today was the funeral (celebration of life) of a dear friend who was taken much too young & much too quickly by cancer. At his memorial service, person after person stood up & gave the same glowing testimony to his integrity, unselfishness, humility & love of people. The people who shared these memoirs were unrelated & many had never spoken before the service, but their message was clear & their message was consistent.

If my memorial has even half of the testimonies of my friend Basil, I will be a happy man.

The photograph I’ve used today was taken at his service & shows a banner that was made to commemorate this amazing guy.

I read the words listed on the banner & thought, “I hope that can be said of me.

We hear so much in the media of how the dishonest succeed & in some areas they may, for a time, but ultimately people want sincerity, love, concern, compassion, a listening ear: it is the cement of meaningful & high impact relationships; in business & daily personal life.  If we want this type of relationship & the benefits that go with it, in all areas of our life, I believe that asking ourselves this one, basic question will open the door to achieving that goal.

I am going to ponder this question, write down some thoughts & see how I need to change to get to my goal.

It’s a great exercise that can be life-changing so why not join me & give it a go?

Thank you Basil for your example & for shining so brightly that I am inspired to be more like you.

Take care until next time …



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