One Minute Book Review: Managing Oneself by Peter F Drucker

[Peter Drucker - Managing Oneself]

Peter Drucker – Managing Oneself


A short, challenging yet encouraging easy-to-read 55 page booklet identifying the critical elements for making a success in our career & wider life. Managing ourselves effectively isn’t just about knowing yourself; it’s about knowing & understanding those with whom we work. A very useful daily reference manual.


  1. Know your own strengths – Write down key decisions & actions & what you expect to happen. 9 or 12 months later analyse these to see what actually happened. Learn.
  2.  Know how you learn & perform best – Do you listen & respond or do you need it written down to be most effective?
  3. Know your values – To be most effective & satisfied live & work in accordance with them, not against them.
  4. Know where you belong – Answer 3 simple questions: What are my strengths? How do I perform? What are my values?
  5. Know what your contribution should be – Know a) what the situation requires, b) how you can use your strengths, mode of performance & values to make the greatest contribution & c) what results must be achieved to maker a difference.
  6.  Be responsible for relationships – We are all individuals. Know others so that you can interact & work most effectively. ‘Please‘ & ‘ Thank you‘ are critical lubricants to friction-free, successful working relationships.


Successful careers are not planned. They develop when people are prepared for opportunities because they know their strengths, their method of work & their values. Don’t plan too far ahead but record your plans & determine your progress, then learn how you work & how to do things better.


  1. Most people think they know what they are good. They are usually wrong.
  2. Identify disabling ignorance & overcome it.
  3. Organisations, like people, have values. To be effective in an organisation a person’s values must be compatible with the organisation’s values.
  4. To be effective , therefore, you have to know the strengths, the performance modes & the values of your co-workers.
  5. Too many people work in ways which are not their ways & that almost guarantees nonperformance.

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