Seeing Through The Ice


Seeing Through Ice Is Difficult

Sometimes as we look forward it’s as if we’re looking through ice on a window pain: we can see what is immediately in front of us, but not beyond.


What Is Beyond May Be Nearly Invisible

It’s at moments like this that I try to get help from outside: perhaps talking to friends (or business colleagues when it’s about my business) reading a book, watching a video, going for a walk etc.


As The Ice Melts We See A Little Further Forward

I find that with this outside input the ice begins to melt, often slowly at first, giving a bit of vision & shape to the future.


As The Ice Melts We See A Little Further Forward

As time passes & more ice melts the way forward often becomes clearer, but rarely us it a complete picture or fully in focus.


Melts We Rarely See The Whole Picture

That comes with experience & decisions as I move forward.

Just a few thoughts on this first day of a new year.

Happy New Year & take care until next time …

About waywood

Hi & Welcome to my thoughts. I share subjects that are important to me. As you’ll notice, these subjects can be quite broad & varied. I like variety; I like breadth & I like a challenge. I am passionate about helping others overcome their fears, grow in confidence & succeed. Although many people would label me as an achiever, I have battled low confidence, low self-esteem & a couple of nasty, long periods depression over the years. I can’t say, “I know how you feel” but I can hopefully empathise & offer some of the things that are helping me to turn my life around. Please feel free to comment, share & enjoy. Take care, best wishes & keep well Stuart
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