Happy Easter

Firstly Happy Easter to everyone who reads this column.  This is  as special time of year for me.  However, my celebrations were rather curtailed today by a young drummer and his percussionist friend who introduced a new concept to the word ‘crucifixion’! 

One of  my major interests as many will know is creativity and its application to all areas of our life, but particularly in music.  These players (particularly the drummer who rates himself as ‘good’)  were so creative I was confused.  Just about every other line of various songs were treated to a variety of styles, few of which fitted, and none of which added to these particular songs.  It was a great example how when we lose sight of our role and forget to listen to the music, we add little to the song, in fact we run the risk of killing it! “Less is more” was more than adequetely substituted by “More is Less” in this case.

Some will accuse me of being rather hard on this player especially those in the Church who feel that criticism is not allowed, particularly if you belong to certain families (with which I totally disagree).  I tend to agree that criticism that discourages people should be avoided wherever possible and try to offer help rather than criticism.  But when the help falls on deaf ears and those we try to help continue to do things as they’ve always done them, at that point, the swear word ‘responsibility’ comes into play.

Maybe if he spends a bit more time listening to what others in the real world say to him things would move forward. The adulation of family and friends, whilst well intended only makes things worse. 

Here in Loughborough we are part of an Easter initiative called the bigger picture and are hoping to set a new World record for the largest ever painting by numbers.  This is a great analogy of playing as part of a band or team … we all have our part to play as part of the bigger picture.  Interestingly one panel has been painted in totally diffrent shades to the several hundred others.  Where is the eye drawn?  To that one panel that stands out.

Today’s musical events are so applicable to the picture … we choose the wrong colours and textures, or ignore what the rest of the picture is saying and we stand out for all of the wrong reasons. 

So did I enjoy my Easter celebrations?  Yes I did!  And despite what people may say about these things being individual, I feel that where people meet together to celebrate, such as in a church, they are also very much corporate.  We celebrate Easter together and therefore, each of us has a responsibility to help others celebrate too.  We’re all bricks in the wall or pieces in the jigsaw, and just as a missing brick or missing piece weakens the structure or spoils the picture, so we have the ability to kill other people’s celebrations when we contribute to that hole in the wall.

I really do wish you a Happy Easter …

and I really do wish some drummers would hang up their sticks until they learn to be part of a band … not star of the show.

Until next time!

About waywood

Hi & Welcome to my thoughts. I share subjects that are important to me. As you’ll notice, these subjects can be quite broad & varied. I like variety; I like breadth & I like a challenge. I am passionate about helping others overcome their fears, grow in confidence & succeed. Although many people would label me as an achiever, I have battled low confidence, low self-esteem & a couple of nasty, long periods depression over the years. I can’t say, “I know how you feel” but I can hopefully empathise & offer some of the things that are helping me to turn my life around. Please feel free to comment, share & enjoy. Take care, best wishes & keep well Stuart
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