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Happy Easter

Firstly Happy Easter to everyone who reads this column.  This is  as special time of year for me.  However, my celebrations were rather curtailed today by a young drummer and his percussionist friend who introduced a new concept to the word ‘crucifixion’!  … Continue reading

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Balanced Diet – Intake vs Output

No!  I’m not talking about ‘Weightwatchers’ but about life in general.  But starting with a diet.  What is a diet?  Too often the term is used to mean ‘abstinence’:  of food, drink, cream cakes!  However, the word diet means nothing more … Continue reading

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One Big Sky

At last, after recording, mixing and mastering the first piece of evidence for our existence is released!  You may remember my blogs in February from ICC Studios in Eastbourne where we were recording the ‘albumette’.  Well One Big Sky officially … Continue reading

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Life’s Furnace

I’ve just returned from lunch with a good friend.  Apart from the usual catching-up we discussed our lives and where we thought we are heading.  This was significant as my friend’s mum has been ill for some time and then … Continue reading

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How much does it cost to forgive? An ounce of pride; Harsh words left unspoken; The past put behind us; Hope for the future. How much does it cost to be unforgiving? A lifetime…

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Thank You

I’ve probably made it clear by now that there are some things in life that to me, are essential.  One is friendship, another relationships and then there are all the bits of icing on the cake that make life enjoyable.  … Continue reading

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