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Try This Link – Great Advice from Experience

This entry is really short … just a link to check out for really sound advice, from experience. Check Out This Link

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The End of Another Year

In less than 2 days, 2008 will be upon us. Before committing myself to any New Year resolutions I always like to look back and see what I have done in the past year: highlights, low points, things I could … Continue reading

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An Oasis in the Storms of Life

Today’s news is filled with horror … the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, 15 dead in a Nigerian oil pipeline fire, winter storms dumping huge snowfalls in Colorado, teenager dies in street stabbing, disabled woman trapped by vandals … and the … Continue reading

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We Need More Dreamers

I have recently been introduced to the music of Jack Savoretti in the shape his ‘Between the Minds’ CD, especially his haunting chorus Whatever happened to the dreamers?   He sings of the dreams lost, the decline of true visionaries … and … Continue reading

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Hi! May I wish you a very Happy Christmas … even if you don’t feel like it.  Chances are that if you’re reading this today you are looking for something to cheer you up.  Perhaps you feel alone, are separated … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas – Why Not Take a Rest?

Today is Christmas Eve … I love this time of year because I try to take time to rest, relax and recharge.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype, the adverts which tell us that in order … Continue reading

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Dynamic Drumming?

Running a drummer & percussionist’s information web site I get asked many questions, particularly about equipment, maintenance and how to choose the right gear.  One question I was asked recently was “How can I make my drumming more interesting?” Well, … Continue reading

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Creativity for Drummers & Percussionists

Sometimes, just ‘playing the beat’ is not enough. I try to think of a song as a ‘musical picture’.  Just as an artist paints a picture with many colours, and with many shades of the same colour, so it is … Continue reading

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I hear lots of people talking about warming-up before a gig or before practising, but what about warm-down exercises afterwards? A good warm-up gets the blood flowing to the muscles and loosens the joints so that we can function properly … Continue reading

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